I’m not the smartest person,

but I’m not an idiot, either.
I’m not the kindest person you’ve ever known,
but I’m not evil, either.
I’m not a religious person,
but I believe in God.

Sometimes I forget how blessed my life is.
Sometimes I say things that hurt other people.
Sometimes I make wrong choices.

But really, I know I’m not a bad person.
And those flaws I have happen because I’m just human.
Maybe it’s not an excuse,
but I hope they won’t stop you from loving me
as a Connie you used to know.

I don’t ask much from you,
just take me as the person that
you’ve been caring for
since the day we become friends,
relatives, buddies.

I still need you and your moral support.
Please never give up on me,
regardless the choices I made.

Nevertheless, I love you.


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